If you want to run successful email marketing campaigns, then it is very important that you get an email marketing software which is equipped with latest email list management service & feature.

So that, a properly managed and high-quality email list is produced which assures inbox delivery & rise in open rates for your business.

Comparison Between Best Email List Management Services
Services Free Trial Free Templates SMTP Import Contact Scheduler
Pabbly Email Marketing 500+
MailGet 500+
SendinBlue  ✔ 200+
MailChimp Limited Complicated
Campaigner 900+

Unorganised email contact list results in spamming, high bounce rate and causes other types of harms.


Email List Management features are being used for creating new email lists, custom data fields, contact grouping and importing contact etc.

But there are many marketing software who guarantee top-class email list management services. Which one to pick?

For your convenience, I have listed down 10+ best email list management services.

1. Pabbly Email Marketing(100K+ Users Trust Us For a Reason)

Pabbly Email Marketing is a cost-effective & user-friendly email service provider which has got advanced email list management service.

Other than that it is composed of latest emailing tools like email editor, drip mailer, autoresponder etc which are essential for online promotions & advertisements.

Pabbly Email Marketing also offers 7-days free trial in which you can send emails to 100 contacts.

I believe that Pabbly Email Marketing is the best list management service as it will allow you to synchronize contacts and also upload them via CSV files.

The software is quite economic it starts at $29 per month in which unlimited mail sending to 5,000 subscribers is allowed. Also, the OPEN RATE is high which is 25% in the primary work phase itself.

So stop paying for something, when you can get the best for free!

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List Management

Pabbly Email Marketing is very popular for its list management service. You can easily import contacts via CSV file or manually. It also helps you to handle bad addresses and unsubscribes so that your mail reached to the recipient’s inbox without being trapped in spam or junk folders.

Pricing Of Pabbly Email Marketing Service
Subscribers Upto 100 Upto 5,000 Upto 15,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 Upto 200,000
Pricing $0/m $29/m $49/m $99/m $179/m $349/m
To know more about pricing of Pabbly Email Marketing Click Here.


  • All the plans by Pabbly Email Marketing offer Unlimited email delivery to the listed subscribers.
  • An additional 20% OFF on yearly subscription of any plan will be given.

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2. MailGet – Email Marketing Software

MailGet is one such modern email marketing service that includes various speciality for designing emails and sending them in bulk.

Speaking about other features of MailGet,  you can schedule drip campaigns, clean your email list, get accurate reports of email campaigns, subscriber segmentation and many more.

Plus, you can also attach multiple SMTP servers to it for effective email marketing.


In my opinion, MailGet gives you the best emailing services in the market.

The software can be purchased at a low price which starts at $29 per month for unlimited emailing.

It also offers SMTP routing feature which helps your emails delivered to the inbox of the user rather than spam, hence, giving a 99% deliverability rate.

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List Management

MailGet highlights list management facility, with which you can easily manage email lists with bulk contacts. You can simply add contacts either manually or import a CSV file, maintain Unsubscribed contact lists, Bounced contact lists and Contact lists from collected leads.

Pricing Of MailGet Email Marketing Service
Subscribers Upto 100 Upto 5,000 Upto 15,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000 Upto 200,000
Pricing $0/m $29/m $49/m $99/m $179/m $349/m

To know pricing details of MailGet Bolt Click Here.


  • It’s mandatory to attach an SMTP server before starting email delivery.
  • Similar 2 months straight discount is applicable to annual subscriptions.

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3. SendinBlue

Another email marketing solution that is becoming famous is SendinBlue. It is a self-hosted email marketing solution, which accommodates various options for creating and sending attractive emails.

Email List Management Services

List Management

SendinBlue carries best email list management features with which you can put together different list into single email list, create suppression list, do custom list settings, do opt-outs management, etc. All these processing will increase your conversions and ROI.

Pricing Of SendinBlue Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 9,000 Upto 40,000 Upto 60,000 Upto 120,000
Pricing $0/m $25/m $39/m $66/m

  • SendinBlue also provides an Enterprise plan which can be customized to meet the requirements of any type of business.

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4. Admail

Admail presents several organizations with a platform that has an email marketing solution as well as social media marketing solution.

With their email marketing features like email builder, responsive design, free images & templates you can deploy professional email marketing campaigns.

Email List Management Services

Subscriber Management

Admail has built a robust List Builder tool for handling and managing email lists. This tool is simply an email list management service that performs various works like automatic duplication handling, opt-in data capture, built signup forms, etc.

Pricing Of Admail Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 10,000 Upto 20,000 Upto 30,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000
Pricing $65/m $95/m $110/m $215/m $350/m

  • Admail permits monthly payments via ACH Debit and Credit Card which are deduced automatically.

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5. Elite Email

A cloud-based emailing platform with the aid of which small business organization can start their email marketing campaigns. With Elite Email, you can create great emails, send them in unlimited number and get a detailed analysis report.


Contact List Management

For management of contacts,  Elite Email stores contact upgradations option, list segmentation, contact activity report, custom profile data, etc. through which you can maintain an excellent email list of contacts.

Pricing Of Elite Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 500 Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 15,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $0/m $15/m $45/m $70/m $240/m

  • Elite Email also provides Pay-As-You-Go plan in which email credits are provided which comes with 1-year expiry. 1 Credit = 1 Email.
  • Pay-As-You-Go plan gives you full access to all features without any monthly charge.

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6. DirectIQ

DirectIQ includes features like email template builder, campaign segmentation, social media integration, inbox preview options, social media tools, etc. Through which any business can perform email marketing and generate great benefits for their business out of it.

Email List Management Services

List Management

Other than giving powerful features linked to email marketing, DirectIQ has characteristics like email list creation, signup forms, individual contact history, list boost function and many other functionalities, by which you can organize & manage email lists efficiently.

Pricing Of DirectIQ Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 500 Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $0/m $12/m $45/m $99/m $250/m

  • Pay per email is also there in DirectIQ, which is best for marketers who don’t do email marketing on regular basis.

7. Mailify

Mailify assists small business to build, send, analyze and conduct multiple email marketing campaigns. It has a simple and user-friendly platform for email marketing and features such as drag-and-drop email editor, cloud synchronization real-time analytics, etc will help you a lot.

Email List Management Services

List Management

For list management needs, Mailify has placed an effective tool that is termed as Contact Management Tool. Through which you will be able to add, delete and upgrade your email list and contacts.

Pricing Of Mailify Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 50,000 Upto 100,000
Pricing $0/m $19/m $29/m $99/m $149/m

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8. MailChimp

MailChimp is a fully integrated email marketing software that helps in engaging new subscriber through targeted and intelligence-based opt-in email campaigns.

Email List Management Services

List Management

MailChimp hands over various options to create list based on different dimensions such as suppression list, bounce lists, etc. Pre-built segments are created which helps you send targeted emails to a specific crowd, you can also apply different conditions on segments.

Pricing Of MailChimp Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 2,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $0/m $50/m $75/m $240/m

  • With MailChimp free plan you are allowed to send only 12,000 emails to 2,000 email contacts.
  • The bill generated for Pro Marketer Plan includes monthly plan cost + price of the subscribers.
[Example:- If you use Pro Marketer Plan, to send emails to 5,000 subscribers.

Then, Plan cost = $199

Subscribers Cost = $50

Total bill = $199 + $50 = $249.]

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9. Campaigner

Campaigner is yet another fully integrated and reliable platform for online marketing & promotions. It includes some mind-blowing email marketing features like email creation, analytics, and optimization tools.

Email List Management Services

List Management

For managing complicated and bulk email lists, Campaigner is equipped with a premium List Management & Segmentation facility. Here you will get list supervising options for managing subscriber, subscriber signup center, automatic list deduping, etc.

Pricing Of Campaigner Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 15,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $20/m $50/m $80/m $100/m $300/m

  • Each & every plan designed by Campaigner offer different amount of services & facilities at varied cost.
  • The free trial does not come with full features, with it you can contact 1,000 users only for a limited time period.
  • On all yearly subscriptions, you get a discount of 18%.

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10. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a simple to use comprehensive email marketing software that allows organizations to design, send and handle bulk email campaigns. It serves options within which you can create nice emails, get smart sending options, cloud synchronization and more.

Email List Management Services

Contact Management

Coming towards their solution for subscriber management, you can quickly add new contacts, create, edit, segment mailing lists, merge different contact lists according to your campaign needs.

Pricing Of Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 25,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $10/m $45/m $70/m $125/m $200/m

  • Zoho Campaigns has got Pay-As-You-Use plans which provide email credits for email delivery.
  • Free plan is also available with which you can target 2,000 users.

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11. Mailigen

Mailigen is the best software for email management that is fit for any size of business. It allows you to design and send beautiful emails & newsletters. Along with this, you can also unite your email marketing with mobile and social media as well.

Email List Management Services

List Management

Mailigen has combined management features in email marketing, so as to built a precise and active email list. Here you can quickly add new contacts, modify contact database, perform behavioral segmentation of contacts, etc.

Pricing Of Mailigen Email Marketing Service
Number Of Emails Upto 1,000 Upto 5,000 Upto 10,000 Upto 15,000 Upto 50,000
Pricing $15/m $40/m $60/m $84/m $200/m

  • The 30-days free trial allows sending 100 emails without any charge.
  • No contracts, credit card details are required, plus you can upgrade or downgrade the plan anytime.

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I think you are now well acknowledged about email list management services. Take a look at our blog best email marketing services.

Find out others and do share with me in the comment box below.