Few days back, I got an email from one of our customers who asked how MailGet Bolt – email marketing service is better than Sendy. I am writing this post to explain how MailGet Bolt is different and 10X better than Sendy. So, Email Marketing Comparison Sendy And MailGet Bolt are as follows.

One of the major difference between Sendy and MailGet Bolt lies in the way of setting up both the software.

Sendy is a self-hosted solution which means you have to set it up on your own server. This means you will have to separately handle server expenses and manage and configure the server infrastructure yourself.

But MailGet Bolt is truly a plug and play solution for email marketing with no complex setups and hassles.

Here are few more altenatives which can help you replace your existing emailing services:-

Below are few questions that we come across every once in a while. They are asked by different customers while joining MailGet Bolt.

1. Email Marketing Comparison Sendy And MailGet Bolt. Which is better?

MailGet Bolt is powerful email marketing application that includes amazing features like a great drag-drop email builder, contact management, email drips, autoresponders, embeddable web forms and much more.

We have developed great segmentation options in MailGet Bolt allowing you to send the email again to the subscribers who have not opened email for the first time. MailGet Bolt has bounce tracking, spam tracking and unsubscribes tracking built in it to make you achieve good account reputation.

Sendy doesn’t allow any segmentation options to allow sending to only the non-opens. This means you are not able to leverage the email campaigns success to extreme.

Sendy doesn’t come with a drag and drop email builder which makes the email newsletter creation harder.

With Sendy, to setup autoresponders and email drips you have to setup Cron jobs on your server which in itself is a little complex to setup. On the other hand, MailGet Bolt comes with drag drop email builder and you don’t have worry about any hassles for setting up or managing the server.

2. From your experience, how long does it take to send one email to a 50k list with MailGet Bolt?

Sending speed will vary for different users depending upon their account sending limits.

MailGet Bolt supports multi-threading to make sure you achieve the best possible sending rate. Unlike Sendy, there are no complex server settings required to be done for maximizing the sending rate. MailGet Bolt is built from the ground up to support dynamic multi-threading.

3. Do you have a feature to filter subscribers who have not opened my emails in the last 3 months? I would like to be able to filter out subscribers that are not active because having a clean list at any time helps with deliverability. 

Ans: We can do the cleanup for you at our end based on your request, simply email us and ask for removing the non-opens and we will do it for you and filter your contact lists.

4. Can I segment the emails in such a way so that I can send emails just to non-opens again?

Yes, MailGet Bolt supports smart segmentation. Which means with MailGet Bolt, you can send same campaign to your audience who have not opened your email the first time. This ensures that you get maximum exposure in front of your audience.
Sendy doesn’t allow segmentation at all.

5. Would I be able to build my own template from scratch? (and choose custom background, font size, colors and email width). 

Ans: We have created the world’s easiest drag and drop email builder. The email builder allows you to create any type of email quickly. The builder allows changing of backgrounds colors etc. MailGet Bolt also comes with a plain text editor as well that allows you to create and send simple text emails.

6. Can I personalize my emails with a name of my contacts?

MailGet Bolt comes with inbuilt personalization tags like {firstname} for adding the first name of the contact to the email. Similarly, we have {lastname} tag for inserting the last name of the contact and {name} tag for inserting the entire name of the contact. These personalization tags can be used on the email content anywhere as well as in the subject line of the email.

MailGet Bolt is not just a better alternative to Sendy, it’s infact 10x better. Try best email marketing software – MailGet Bolt today and we are 100% sure you will never go back to Sendy ever again.