Nowadays, when you visit a site then you will see two types of extensions in their URL. Either HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) or just HTTPS (HTTP Secure). These both are popular but when we talk about a more secure communication between the browser & your website, HTTPS is the first choice! That’s why you should use HTTPS WordPress plugins.

HTTPS WordPress Plugins

These plugins when integrated with a WordPress site works as an SSL redirection tool. They force the URL of your site to HTTPS from HTTP to make it all work. Also, they can force to open the entire domain in HTTPS itself.

That’s why we’ve listed 4+ HTTPS WordPress plugins in this article which can help you with this work. Some of them are paid while others are free.

Using HTTPS over HTTP provides three layers of protection:

  • Encryption: To make data exchange secure, encryption is used.
  • Data Integrity: Due to this feature, data can’t be corrupted or modified during its exchange.
  • Authentication: It identifies whether your users/customers are communicating with only your website or not.

That’s why users of HTTPS plugins are still increasing at a rapid rate.

Apart from all of these things, even GOOGLE has also announced that switching your website to HTTPS may result in improving the ranking of your site.

Now say! Who else will not try these plugins?

So all we want from you is to try them out & integrate the best one from the list!

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What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in together!

1. HTTPS SSL Manager: Best in HTTPS WordPress Plugins

HTTPS SSL Manager is WordPress plugin by Creative Minds. It basically redirects the webpage from HTTP to HTTPS for establishing a more secure network. Through this plugin, either you can apply the redirection functionality to an entire domain or just on some specific pages of your site.

When you integrate this plugin with your WordPress site, you’ll see a dashboard with all of your website HTTPS indicators. So you can keep track of all of your web pages whether they are facing any issue or not. Apart from it, you can turn the redirection functionality either ON or OFF at any time.

HTTPS SSL Manager HTTPS WordPress Plugin


  • Its pricing ranges from $29 for 1 site to $499 for up to 200 sites.


  • Using the HTTPS URL, this plugin forcefully loads the js, image, CSS & other static files for security point of view.
  • After the SSL certificate installation, this plugin scans all the files on your site & then solves any insecure content.
  • Also, it fixes the issues found in template files, posts & pages in order to make them work in secure HTTPS function.

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2. Really Simple SSL: WordPress HTTPS Plugin

Really Simple SSL is a WordPress HTTPS plugin which detects the settings of your site & then configures it to run on HTTPS mode. That’s why this plugin is also a good option for your site to work securely & safely to avoid any kind of security attacks.

Really Simple SSL HTTPS WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress plugin is free of cost for the entire lifetime.


  • It changes the site URL as well as homepage URL to HTTPS to make your domain secure.
  • Apart from it, all the incoming request on your site will also be redirected to the same HTTPS mode or you can enable ‘.htaccess’ for easy redirection.
  • In a single click, you will enable the functionality of this HTTPS plugin without any delay & complications.

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3. Easy HTTPS Redirection: WordPress Plugin

Easy HTTPS Redirection is a WordPress plugin through which you can redirect the webpage to HTTPS from HTTP mode. That’s how the search engine will also index the redirected version of your site because it will list only those web pages which run on secure network protocols.

Apart from it, this plugin can only work if the SSL certificate is already installed on your site & working properly too.

Easy HTTPS Redirection HTTPS WordPress Plugin


  • This HTTPS plugin does not charge any amount for its access.


  • It automatically redirects the whole domain of your site in a couple of seconds. So you don’t have to worry about each & every page of your website.
  • If you don’t want to redirect all the pages then you can specifically redirect some of them by modifying its settings.
  • Apart from it, this plugin forcefully loads the javascript, CSS & image files in HTTPS mode.

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4. WordPress HTTPS (SSL): WordPress Plugin

WordPress HTTPS plugin is an all in one solution for using SSL functionality on a WordPress site. It’s latest version is specifically based on performance & speed for creating a more secure domain.

WordPress HTTPS (SSL) HTTPS WordPress Plugin


  • It is free of cost with any boundation on features.


  • This plugin removes elements which are inaccessible over HTTPS because it may break the functionalities of other plugins.
  • In its mapping section, you can specifically select which URL you want to redirect to HTTPS or HTTP according to your needs.
  • Also, you can purge the cache of your site in order to make the effects of change in settings visible.

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5. Force HTTPS: WordPress HTTPS Plugin

Force HTTPS is a WordPress plugin which redirects the requests of HTTP to HTTPS without any hindrance. Apart from all of it, this plugin also fixes any kind of insecure static resources of your site without disturbing its database.

One important point about this plugin is that before activating it, you must have installed the SSL certificates on your site or it won’t work properly.

Force HTTPS WordPress Plugin


  • This WordPress HTTPS plugin is free of cost.


  • To give best results, this plugin is designed with MySQL 5.7 & PHP 7.0 for better page loading after SSL redirection.
  • For security & accuracy point of view, this plugin supports a single site support.
  • It also works with CloudFare which provides internet security, content delivery network services, distributed domain name server & DDoS mitigation services. Isn’t it worth?

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So above are 4+ HTTPS WordPress plugins which redirects the entire domain or any specific page of your site from HTTP to HTTPS. It is done for establishing a more secure connection.

Apart from it, using HTTPS URL can also lead to better ranking according to some studies. So, these HTTPS plugins can give you an additional chance for more popularity.

Well, some of these plugins are free while others are paid. So you must give a try to them & choose the best as it is the matter of security of your site.

For any queries & suggestions, please comment below. We’ll get back to you ASAP!