Do you want to display audios and videos on your site but unable to do so?

Well, don’t worry we bring you today 4 best jQuery media plugins.

These plugins will help you in adding videos, audios, on your website with their respective URLs, and many other features.

You can even simply pull or play the videos from different websites like – Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

jQuery Media Plugins

In fact, these plugins will provide you many customized functionalities like – options to show download links to media files, to provide lyrics for audios, and to build your very own playlist for your viewers.

jQuery media plugins have many more setting options such as to adjust the height and width of the media player, built-in layouts to choose from and a lot more.

In addition, to all these features you can even hide or show the navigation buttons, or indicate the loading percentile in the preloader.

Let’s see a lot more features that these jQuery media plugins hold.

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1. Vimuse Player – Premium In jQuery Media Plugins

This player is feature pack and holds numerous features. Using this plugin you can play videos directly from Youtube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, you can even categorize them.

There are many configurable options like – open the external page links, show download links to media files, a playlist can be at the bottom, left or right of the main player, and more.

Vimuse Player jQuery Media Plugin

Price –

  • The cost price of this plugin is $18 with a regular license and six-months support.
  • You can extend the support for a year by paying $24 only.

Features –

  • You can display the subtitles for videos and post-roll content for videos.
  • It provides special built-in layouts for audios only.
  • This plugin will allow you to create your own playlist by scanning folder for mp3 files and mp4 files.
  • Also, it has 2 color schemes – dark and light, you can choose any which best matches with your webpage or website.

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2. Acorn Media Player – Best Free In jQuery Media Plugins

Acorn Media Player is one of the best plugins in terms of providing functionalities. In fact, this plugin comes with 3 different themes – access(default theme), darkglass ( child theme darkglasssmall), and barebones.

Moreover, this plugin comes with a transcript generated from selected captions. It is licensed under the MIT. Further, this plugin is easily accessible & customizable.

Acorn Media Player jQuery Media Plugin

Price –

You can download this plugin for free from the official website of GitHub that is

Features –

  • This plugin provides you with the full keyboard access, navigation buttons on a media player, screen-reader support, and accessible themes.
  • Just like desktop media players, this plugin easily accepts the external SRT files.
  • It always shows the preloader while loading any kind of content and also remembers that what level of volume you selected.
  • You can easily mark-up your videos & audios and make sure that they work hassle-free.

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3. Media Plugin – Free In jQuery Media Plugins

Media Plugin is an open source plugin and available free of cost. It comes with 6 different demos – video/flash, audio, sIFR, Silverlight, and misc demo (pdf, HTML).

This plugin support almost every media player like – Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Microsoft Silverlight, Real Player, and iframe.

Media Plugin jQuery Media Plugin

Price –

Anyone can download this plugin easily from

Features –

  • It supports almost every kind of media players.
  • This plugin supports all file types like – BMP, HTML, pdf, PSD, QIF, QTIF, QTI, TIF, tiff, and XML.
  • Also, this plugin provides the default mappings of all file formats to media players.

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4. playlist.js – Free In jQuery Media Plugins

It is a very simple HTML5 media plugin. And supports all the videos embedded from different media players.

You can use this plugin and enjoy all the functionalities. Even it provides a sample video from Vimeo.

playlist.js jQuery Media Plugin

Price –

You can have this plugin from the official website of GitHub.

Features –

  • You can turn on looping if you want to play a particular video again and again.
  • It allows you to add videos and audios in mp3 and mp4 format.

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Conclusion –

These jQuery media plugins will help you in pulling the audios and videos from different media players and play them on your website.

We hope you have chosen the best one for your website.

Don’t forget to share your words in the comment section!