“Try out jQuery bookmark plugins to enhance the visitor’s experience on your website”

You have often visited web browser. There are times when you bookmark certain sites so that you can access them whenever you want to in future.

So, it becomes handy to surf the same website without hassling around & searching for it again & again.

Now, you add this functionality to your website when a viewer can bookmark certain posts or pages.

In case, a visitor lands on your website and is impressed by some specific article & wants to read it again in some time.

If you have bookmark widget on your website then it’s going to be a win-win situation. As the viewer liked your content and would have been satisfied with the added functionality too.

For this, you can use jQuery Bookmark Plugins.

jQuery Bookmark Pugins

So, with the help of jQuery Bookmark Plugins, you can provide your users with a bookmarking facility, thereby, easing the task of struggling & searching the content of their choice with ease on a website.

These plugins save the data and make it easy for them to access the content again as & when they want.

Moreover, these plugins provide multiple features like-

  • You can easily drag & drop the bookmark widget on the page.
  • These jQuery plugins can be easily customized & styled using CSS.
  • Besides, you also get illustrative demos & documentation with them.
  • You can easily initialize this plugin by inserting few lines of code.

and a lot more…

This is the reason why we have compiled some of the best freemium jQuery bookmark plugins.

Now, what are we waiting for? Let’s find out a best jQuery bookmark plugin for your website.

1. Hashchange –  jQuery Bookmark Plugin

Hashchange event allows you to create a bookmark which stores the data history in the form of #hashtags. This plugin provides you with multiple features for customization & functioning of the website. 

In addition to this, it is tried & tested on various browsers like Chrome, Safari, etc plus, on several other jQuery versions.

You can use the documentation that comes along with this jQuery plugin in case you have any doubt.

Hashchange event jQuery Bookmark Plugin


  • You can simply download this plugin from ‘github.com’ without spending a single penny. Along with this plugin, you also get lifetime free access to all of its features & frequent updates.


  • This plugin enables you to bind callbacks to the function of the window.onhashchange events.
  • It is very lightweight in size which is minimized to the size of gzipped 0.8 kb file.
  • You can add the bookmarking tool to any part of page, website or under any category without any trouble.

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2. jQuery Bookmark –  jQuery Bookmark Plugin

This is a super cool jQuery plugin which enables you to add a bookmarking widget to your site. It provides you multiple features like over 300 sites to choose from, easy customization & a lot more.

Additionally, you can effortlessly modify the appearance of the bookmarking widget to compact and expanded form. Thereby, you can fit it wherever or however you wish to.

 jQuery Bookmark jQuery Bookmark Plugin


  • jQuery Bookmark is available on ‘github.com’ at free of cost. You don’t have to pay any amount for downloading this plugin & get all of its efficient features as well.


  • You can easily add & remove the bookmarking widget from your page as per your requirement.
  • This plugin allows you to customize the styling of this plugin by using short lines of codes or via CSS.
  • It enables you to select sites individually, by category, or by language for providing with bookmark widget.

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3. Bookmarklet Plugin –  jQuery Bookmark Plugin

Do you want to store the bookmarks on your website? Then this is veritably a most suitable plugin. The bookmarklet is a jQuery plugin which allows you to create a bookmarklet.

With the help this plugin you can allow your users to bookmark their favorites on your site.

Further, these bookmarklets are created by dragging & dropping the anchor element in the bookmarks toolbar. You need to set the anchor’s href attribute to javascript:<the code to execute>.

This plugin is 100% responsive & fits beautifully on all screen sizes like tablets, mobiles, desktop, etc.

 Bookmarklet Plugin jQuery Bookmark Plugin


  • To purchase this plugin, you don’t need to pay anything. All you gotta do is download this jQuery plugin with all its features from ‘github.com’.


  • This plugin enables your website users to create as many bookmarklets as you want on your website.
  • You can either simply add an anchor to your HTML content or use a code for this purpose.
  • It will load a callback function ‘on_ready’ as soon as the bookmarklet is created.

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4. Bookmarklet Helper –  jQuery Bookmark Plugin

Bookmarklet Helper is an astounding jQuery plugin which empowers you to add bookmark facility on the website. It provides you with the various features like easy customization, drag & drop functionality, etc.

Moreover, this plugin is very user-friendly, cross-browser compatible & responsive to all mediums like desktop, mobile & tablet.

Bookmarklet Helper jQuery Bookmark Plugin


  • You don’t have to hassle around & pay any price for this plugin. You can easily acquire this plugin from ‘github.com’ without spending a single penny.


  • You can modify the appearance of the arrow by passing the object like set the position, linewidth & color
  • It enables you to drag & drop the bookmark button to your bookmarks bar.
  • By using this plugin, you can insert few lines of code & customize it as per your convenience.

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5. jBrowser Bookmark –  jQuery Bookmark Plugin

This jQuery Bookmark plugin provides you with several features for adding bookmarks to your site like you can customize this using CSS, add various functionalities & a lot more.

Along with this plugin, you get an explanatory demo which helps in resolving the queries & doubts.

 jBrowser Bookmark  jQuery Bookmark Plugin


  • This freemium plugin comes with a forever free access. Download this plugin from ‘github.com’ without spending a single penny.


  • It empowers you to customize the styling of this plugin as you want with the help of CSS.
  • You can pass various parameters, methods & functions from the backend which helps in easy functioning.
  • Besides, it also provides you with the code to initialize the bookmark.

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Wrapping Up!

Consequently, we have listed few of the best jQuery bookmark plugins which are totally free of cost and empower you to add the bookmark functionality to your website.

After reading this weblog, we hope you are able to compare diverse jQuery bookmark plugins according to their features & pricing details. Therefore, you can now analyze and choose the best plugin for your website.

On this positive note, we take your leave!

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