Are you searching for jQuery game plugins?

This may be the end of your search for the domain. The jQuery plugins let you embed a game on your site page very easily and quickly. These plugins are very lightweight as well as responsive so, they don’t acquire much space and also fit on any screen size. Even you can embed the plugin code multiple times in different sections of your webpage.

jQuery Game Plugins

Here in this article, we’ve compiled a list of 4+ best jQuery game plugins available as free and premium. There are plugins with rolling effect just like the Hot Roll slot game, Sliding tiles game and much more.

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Without wasting much time lets have a brief discussion on each and every listing.

1. Easy Roller – Prime In jQuery Game Plugin

The Easy Roller is a jQuery game plugin with fully controlled verticle & horizontal spinner. It is a smart roller will controllable options. You can easily make use of this add-on on your website by following the well-defined steps to use it. It uses extremely simple parameters and settings to get it working for you.

In addition, it permits you to choose a winner from your server using AJAX or Websocket. Your winner can be a local user or a remote one.

Easy Roller jQuery Game Plugin

Pricing Plan:

This plugin is easily available at a price of $9 for a regular license with 6 months support and future updates. Moreover, you can extend support up to 12 months in just $2.63 extra.


  • There are multiple demonstrations available for understanding the functionality of the plugin.
  • It is a 100% responsive as well as retina ready plugin. So, it easily adjusts to different screen sizes as well as presents high-resolution quality.
  • This plugin facilitates a full user guide to make efficient use of the plugin functionality.
  • Compatible with latest browsers such as- IE-9, IE-10, IE-11, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge & Google Chrome.

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2. Shuffle Puzzle – Popular In jQuery Game Plugin

It renders a puzzle game for developing logical skills. It demonstrates four examples of this game with different functionalities. You can simply rearrange shuffled images, these images can be changed further and you can also set a timer to complete the puzzle. There is another shuffle puzzle with a counter. Plus you can choose the background color.

Furthermore, this plugin has a WP version also available to be used directly.

Shuffle Puzzle jQuery Game Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Shuffle Puzzle jQuery game plugin has two different cost estimates.

  • Regular license plan – $14
  • Extended license plan – $70


  • The player can select any number of pieces (3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×5 etc.).
  • You can set any image for the gameplay. Also, you can select as many images as you like to be the part of the game.
  • A player can select in between the level of difficulty i.e, default, easy, medium or hard.
  • You can embed any number of puzzles on a single page.
  • It also gives a menu to adjust the game settings.

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3. Quizy Memory Game – Prime in Free jQuery Game Plugin

It is a plugin which renders a memory card game. It is a very simple and easy-to-use plugin which provides multiple settings/options to enhance its usability.

An auxiliary feature of the plugin lets you add any type of content on the back side of the card, that means you can add a content other than an image.

Moreover, to simply demonstrate the plugin functionality it has a demo card game available to match country flags with their names.

Quizy Memory Game jQuery Game Plugin

Pricing Plan:

It is a free product of GitHub and you can directly download it from the official site i.e,


  • This plugin works well with most of the browsers such as IE7+, FF 3.6+, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Mobile Safari, Android Browser etc.
  • Many types of data available for the cards (not just images).
  • It renders 3 different animation types as flip, scroll & fade.
  • This plugin also gives the summary of the game played at the end. How fast & with how many clicks the user has completed the game.

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4. Tile Puzzle – jQuery Game Plugin

It’s a simple jQuery plugin to create a puzzle game with sliding tiles. This plugin renders a very familiar tile game with the only restriction to move one tile at a time. That player only needs to click on a tile to move it into an adjacent empty space. There is no need to drag the tile for movement.

tilePuzzle jQuery Game Plugin

Pricing Plan:

Grab the tilePuzzle jQuery plugin for free.


  • You can place the plugin within any div element of your page.
  • Settings available for the image URL and the total width.
  • Tile Puzzle has a fine documentation which is very clear to understand.
  • A demo is also available to become familiar with plugins functionality.

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5. Puzzle – jQuery Game Plugin

This is a responsive jQuery puzzle game plugin. It renders a very simple sliding puzzle game with the very basic images tile sliding functionality. Puzzle jQuery plugin uses the image manipulation through HTML5 canvas.

Furthermore, it also makes efficient use of the grunt modules for advance plugin functionalities.

Puzzle jQuery Game Plugin

Pricing Plan:

The Puzzle jQuery plugin is another free product of and you can download it for free.


  • Puzzle plugin provides 100% responsive layout.
  • You can set an image for the game.
  • A player can choose the level of toughness of the game.

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Consequently, these were the most noteworthy plugins of the domain jQuery game plugins. If you are aware of another much worthy product, please do share the same with us in the comment section, we’d really love to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading!