Whenever a user does online shopping, they check-mark a huge range of products which he may want to browse and this confines the search. Now, this is all multi-select.

Let’s take another example.

Suppose, you want the user to choose the genre of blogs that they want to read on your web page. How would you do that?

You will make a complete list of the genres and would ask the user to select all those he would like. This is again done by using multi-select.

That’s where jQuery multi-select plugins come in the picture. The plugins work as an extended help for your website.

As they reduce your workload of creating codes for implanting multi-select functionality on your webpage.

jQuery Multiselect Plugins

It lets a user choose multiple options for either searching, filtering, sorting. Also, the plugins provide multi-select even for days, digits, months, languages etc. to the user. The data elements can be represented in a collapsible tree view or drop down list before offering multi-select.

Further, the plugins speed up the search by giving autocomplete functionality. There is still a lot more to discover.

Read these informative blogs on jQuery:

1. Tree Filter – jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Tree Filter allows application of multi-select functionality on the data which is in a collapsible tree view interface. In addition to this, it also facilitates users with the autocomplete and dynamic search option which further makes multi-select quicker.

It comes with the most basic requirement for its usage, all you need is JavaScript and jQuery to use this plugin. You get full control of the appearance (like various colors for the tree) with simple CSS customization.

You can anytime enable/disable the multi-select functionality according to the need.

Tree Filter jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Pricing Plan

Get this plugin at a very affordable price of $5 with 6 months support. You can extend this support to 12 months in $1.13 only.


  • You can view the tree components completely as per choice. Click on the respective (+) icon to expand and (-) icon to collapse a node.
  • Type the initials or its combination in the search field, and get all the possible outcomes starting from that initial in the tree.
  • The plugin allows easy filter option from the multiple branches of the tree. For instance, a company tree having branches such as- IT, Sales, Support etc. You can easily retrieve and interact with any particular subset (say Sales).

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2. Advanced Multi Select Data List

Do you want to try a plugin providing multi-select for your website, which is way more advanced than HTML5 datalist?

This plugin is the best option till date!

The Advanced Multi Select Data List plugin ease out the process of multi-select for the users to a great extent.

As a result of the search in the input field by a user, you can display a drop-down list of related predefined options.

Further, the user can add/remove as many items from the list as a part of the multi-select functionality provided by this plugin.

Advanced Multiselect jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Pricing Plan

You can avail this plugin for your website at just $7 with 6 months support. And to extend the support for 12 months, you need to pay only $1.88 more.


  • The autocomplete feature is implied to the input field for making the search even more accurate and fast.
  • When a user enters a letter in the input field, the inbuilt filter derives all the elements starting from that letter.
  • The plugin gives a flawless performance for all the modern browsers like IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Chrome etc.

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3. jQuery Multiple Select Plugin For Bootstrap

This advance plugin serves for jQuery as well as Bootstrap. It showcases the elements of the database in a drop-down list.

Further, the user is allowed to multi-select the elements from the list via checkboxes placed right in front of every element.

The plugin offers to add various dynamic buttons like select, deselect, values, rebuild etc. on the form which can be toggled. These buttons are customizable for eg. labels, dimensions of the button can be altered.

Also, you are provided with various examples and configuration sets to get a fully functional multi-select drop down form.

jQuery Bootstrap Multiselect jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Pricing Plan

You can use this plugin in your website without spending any money.


  • A user can know the order of the selections made from the dropbox along with the total number of selected items in the input field.
  • You can bold the categories in the drop box and underline them to highlight. You can also define the text alignment as per choice.
  • This plugin gives you a “select all” button, to directly choose all the items from the list in one go.

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4. jQuery Plugin For Multi-Select List with Checkboxes

This plugin gives you an important feature to construct a multi select list in a more systematic manner. It is possible as the plugin lets you re-organize a long list of elements in various column drop-down list.

A user can access the entire list in one go as it is visible to them without much scrolling down.

It further ensures responsiveness of the website for all kind of devices.

jQuery Multiselect Checkbox jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Pricing Plan

This plugin is absolutely free to use for any kind of website


  • It gives you an option to group various listing under relevant categories. This makes it easier for a user to select multiple items. The action of selecting and deselecting can be actively seen in the input field in the same order as it is done.
  • Drag the scroll bar of the window containing the list to view multiple items and fetch unlimited items from it as per your choice.
  • The click-to-open window will display the total number of items selected by the user.

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5. multiPicker – Multiselect Plugin

Multipicker is a jQuery plugin which is exclusively created to allow users to select days, digits, months.

This is a multi-select plugin in actual terms, as the user gets to choose selection option as well. So, you can opt between checkboxes and radio buttons.
Also, you can swiftly drag the cursor to select the values placed in continuation.

It allows you to limit the selection from multiple to single element anytime with easy customization.

Multipicker jQuery Multiselect Plugin

Pricing Plan

No need to pay anything. As it is free.


  • Display the table containing the values in either vertical or horizontal position on the page.
  • You can change the language of the text (say days) of the table.
  • CSS customization allows you to stylize the table on the page even more. Like, pop up selected element on click, color switching, variable font size etc.

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We value your time and efforts that you make in the selection of best plugin for your website. Therefore, these jQuery Multiselect Plugins are provided to you are already best in the list.

Since I am sure your search would end here, just have to go through these plugins once and pick up the perfect one for your website.

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