Integrate Toast Notification jQuery Plugins to display feedback about an operation in a small toast message.

Toast notifications are those small messages that shows up in a box while you’re doing any activity and disappear on its own after few seconds.  

For example: When a mail is send via gmail, you will receive a toast message, politely informing “Sending message…”.

But why you should use toast notifications on your websites?

You must install these on your website because they can notify the users that the action they performed has been successfully taken place or taking place.  

These notifications make your website more interactive and give them extra information.

Thus, if you want to dip your toes into the ocean of toast notifications, you’re going to need the best toast notification jQuery plugins to help you do it.

These plugins let you create beautiful toasts for your website by providing various animations. You can control the display timing of the toast notifications on your website.

Through these plugins you can also flourish success, info, warning and errors in a toast notification box.

Therefore, we have collected 5 Best Toast Notification jQuery Plugins that are quick and easy to install. 

Let’s dive in deeper!

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1. ToastMe – Free Toast Notification jQuery Plugins

This plugin is used to display toast notification popup in HTML. It will look like the toast notification in Android OS.

You will get 4 built-in toast types like success, info, warning and error. However, it can be used to showcase any kind of status message to your website user. It is more useful when you deal with an ajax request in your webpage.

ToastMe Toast Notification jQuery Plugins


  • You can define the specific message to pop up for various modes. If you don’t want to set your own message then it will display the default message.
  • It allows to call showToast() method anytime whenever you want to display a notification to user.
  • Set the number of milliseconds to determine the display timing of the popup on the screen.  


ToastMe is a free jQuery plugin by and you can easily download it from its official website.

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2. Jquery.toast.basic – Free Toast Notification jQuery Plugins

It is a basic plugin to visualize toast and notification messages on your website. You can display any toast type in a box at top and bottom positions on the screen. By default it flaunts at the bottom position.

The pop up disappears on its own after the set duration in milliseconds (default: 5000). It exposes simple feedback on the notification div depending upon the performed operation by the user.

Jquery.toast.basic Toast Notification jQuery Plugins


  • You can add shadow effect on the notification div.
  • With this plugin you can change the family font.
  • Set the Z-index value for the toast container (default it is 999999).


It is another free plugin by GitHub.

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3. jToast – Free Toast Notification jQuery Plugins

JToast plugin can create and integrate toast style notifications to your website. It is used to get the location of the top right corner of the screen to display the notification.

This plugin is very simple to integrate and use. You can create a JToast object, set its title, notification type, message and animation (it is optional). 

Jquery.toast.basic Toast Notification jQuery Plugins


  • Its used Java Rectangle2D class to customize the location and the creation of the toast notification box.
  • You will get all the files in the animation folder for inbuilt animation types.
  • It provides full control over the padding to generate space around an element’s content, inside the defined borders.


Grab this plugin for free.

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4. Jquery Toaster – Free Toast Notification jQuery Plugins

This plugin is used to create stacked transient notification messages for your website. You can create toasts for info, notice, warning and error notification messages.

When the javascript of this plugin is disabled, the progressive enhancement of it allows to read toasts.

 Jquery-toaster Toast Notification jQuery Plugins


  • It provides straight forward API to get started i.e. `$(selector).toast()`
  • Tailor your jQuery toaster with unlimited options and events.
  • The plugin requires jQuery 1.5 or later for its working.


Jquery-toaster is completely free to use plugin.

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5. Toastr –  Free Toast Notification jQuery Plugins

It is a robust jQuery toast notification plugin which let you create customizable toast messages for your webpage. You can place the toast notification anywhere on the webpage.

The plugin will provide optional animation effects which can be showed or keep hidden as per the requirement. You will get fadein, fadeout and swing effects to display the toast notifications.

Toastr Toast Notification jQuery Plugins


  • You will get the flexibility for setting the duration to show/hide the notification.
  • The plugin allows to prevent duplicates.
  • It can auto dismiss the notification with the progress bar.


Download it directly from the official GitHub website for free.

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Over To You!

After going through this blog, you get to know that some toast notification jQuery plugins have many handy features with advanced toast message customization.

These toast notification plugins are going to provide better user experience and help your website stand out.  

Please, let us know in the comments which one of these Toast Notification jQuery Plugins you like the most.