We all are aware of the fact that users coming from mobile, tablets and other movable devices are increasing day by day.

So, it is very necessary that a website is fully optimized for different mobile users. For that, you must have jQuery Pull To Refresh plugins installed on your website.

In this blog, we are gone discuss some of the best and responsive jQuery Pull To Refresh plugins which will help your touchscreen device users refresh the webpage content in an easy and attractive way.

Here we have defined plugins which are loaded with features like multiple devices compatible (mobile, touch desktop, tablets, laptops, etc), support different operating systems, cross-browser compatible and more.

In addition, all the plugins are easy to apply on live websites and help you create custom refresh options with various other functionalities.

Let’s get started with the plugins, but before that have a look at the blogs listed on popular plugins below:-

1. Pull To Refresh – jQuery Plugin

Pull To Refresh is a jQuery plugin which allows you to implement different types of custom refreshing facilities on to any webpage. This plugin works well with webapps which are installed on the homescreen.

Users landing on your website through mobiles, tablets or even touchscreen desktops get the functionality to refresh content with a single swipe.

Free jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • This is a free jQuery plugin which you can download from github.com and deploy it easily on any website. It gives you full access to all the features and facilities which you can enjoy without spending a single penny.


  • Provides several refresh options like pull_to_refresh_text, letgo_text, refreshing_text, etc which will be triggered as per user actions on your website.
  • It is an easy to install jQuery plugin which is fully responsive and supports latest mobile as well as desktop browsers.
  • This pull to refresh plugin helps you refresh website content in an easy way from different screens and other devices as it supports touchscreen gestures.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

2. P2r – jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

If you are using P2r jQuery plugin then you get the ability to simply download, install and see the advanced effects of this plugin. This plugin fires the page or content refresh command whenever a user touches or clicks the element defined for a refresh.

This plugin has got various parameters like mousedown or touchstart and y Position of the element on Y axis which is a great help to track user actions for a refresh.

P2r jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • P2r is a jQuery plugin that provides pull to refresh functionality with various other facilities at an entirely free of cost plan. You just have to download it, install and start using it on your website.


  • It is an easy to use jQuery plugin which can be applied on a live website by making simple changes in the website code.
  • With this plugin, you get a full documented demo which has all the details and codes related to the plugin. This documentation will simplify the implementation process.
  • This jQuery plugin provides multiple options and gesture facilities using which you can define custom refresh settings for your website.
  • Supports mobile, desktop, tablets and more. Plus it is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible as well.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

3. Xpull – jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

This plugin is specially designed for websites who receive more users through touchscreen devices. It is a lightweight plugin which helps your website load faster and comes equipped with various customizable refresh options and functionalities.

Xpull is a jQuery plugin which is fully optimized for the Android browser as well as iOS browsers and the mobile versions of other latest browsers. Plus, you get a variety of animations and graphics on pure CSS3.

Xpull jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • Another jQuery Pull To Refresh plugin which comes pre-equipped with a variety of features and advanced facilities at $0 cost. This plugin can freely be downloaded from github.com.


  • This is a pull to refresh jQuery plugin which is specially designed for iOS and Android devices.
  • Xpull is a jQuery plugin which is responsive as well as lightweight which helps your website load fast on different web browsers.
  • It has got a fully documented demo which can be tested on different devices.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you get multiple methods, style and customization options as well.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

4. jQuery.scrollup – Pull To Refresh Plugin

With jQuery.scrollup plugin you can easily have the pull down refresh functionality for devices like mobiles, tablets and this plugin especially supports desktop browsers as well.

You can define events, actions, and variety of variables which trigger refresh actions on specific applications.

jQuery.scrollup jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • With jQuery.scrollup you will receive various pull to refresh features which can be applied on a live website with ease.


  • Allows you to define variables and events which are automatically triggered by user-specific actions.
  • This plugin has got a simple implementation process using which you can deploy it on various websites with ease.
  • Provides multiple methods for page refresh which you can use with the default values.
  • With this plugin, you can show loading icon for a specific time duration.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

5. mkPullFresh – jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

This plugin gives you the facility to add pull to refresh feature with CSS animation of mobile and desktop devices. It is a fully customizable plugin which asynchronous stop and provides various other refreshing techniques.

mkPullFresh jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • mkPullFresh is another free of cost plugin which has got the advanced pull to refresh facilities and multiple other functions.


  • This plugin gives you options like maxShift, readyShift, pendingShift, refresh and more. For which you can add default values and description.
  • You can provide a custom look to the indicator and set context styles depending on attribute as well.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you can add scrolling warning if you want to put scrollable text into constrained blocks.
  • A demo is also provided with this plugin which helps in the website implementation of this plugin.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin

6. jQuery.flickmenu – Plugin

jQuery.flickmenu is a responsive, easy to use, plugin which supports multiple latest browsers with various facilities. It allows you to add flick-menu along with pull to refresh for touchscreen devices. You also get various custom options to add attractive page refresh effects to your website.

jQuery.flickmenu jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


  • This is a responsive jQuery plugin which is totally free of cost and offers various options for refreshing the website pages.


  • With this plugin, you can add a flick-menu as well as a Pull-to-Refresh facility on your website.
  • Provides various refresh options like scrollContents, btnNaviOpen, isPullRefresh, onPullRefresh, etc.
  • jquery.flickmenu plugin offers a well-documented demo which holds examples along with the code details.

Details On jQuery Pull To Refresh Plugin


Finally, we are at the end of this blog on best and free jQuery Pull To Refresh plugins. We have tried to elaborate some of the top class plugins for this facility on this blog and I hope that you will find one which suits your website needs in all ways.

If you have got any type of questions or queries related to this topic or the plugins explained in it, you can ask them to us in the comments section below. We will be glad to hear from your side.