If I tell you that out of 5 random documents only 2 are validated, then you would not even think about giving a look at the other 3. Validation holds this much authority!

A document, be it of any kind, is officially acceptable and approved only when it is validated.

Forms are one of those paramount document on which we will be discussing now. Creating a form is one easy thing, everyone can master but validation, it requires a lot of calculations.

And for this exact reason, you would always need jQuery Validation Plugins for your website. This might sound very typical and complex term to you, but trust me you would not find anything simpler.

jQuery Validation plugins let you create many types of forms for multiple web application purposes. Then it takes up the inputs from users through pre-defined fields. Further, with the help of these plugins, you can make sure that the fields filled by the users meet up the requirement of the parameters validated in the first place.

Moreover, these plugins are very responsive & user-friendly. You can easily customize them by using few lines of codes.

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The key components that these plugins provide are form validation using jQuery, CSS3 form sets to create forms of any complexity, HTML attribute autocomplete.

1. jQuery Form Validation Plugin

jQuery Form is one of the best jQuery validation plugins. This plugin provides you with exemplary features for validating the input value provided by the users. Also, it is user-friendly and responsive to all screens & mediums like mobile, desktop, etc.

Moreover, this plugin is compatible with Bootstrap version 2 and 3. Plus, this plugin does not require a database for installation.

It provides Inline notification feature for input, with which a user can know the status (alert, success, error etc) of action during form fill-up.

jQuery Form Validation Plugin jQuery Validation Plugin


Spend only $6 to have this plugin with 6 months support. And extend this support for 12 months at $1.50


  • It provides various form fields for validation by using JS, AJAX, and PHP.
  • HTML Placeholder attribute gives a sample value in the input field.
  • Password strength meter bar will help to visualize the password strength as a progress bar.
  • With Text limiter extension, you can limit the number of characters or words in the text area.
  • This plugin is Cross browser compatible.

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2. Multi Step Form Wizard – jQuery Validation

Based on HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery this plugin allows creating forms for various web applications like project management system, admin dashboard, CRM, custom admin panel etc.

With this lightweight plugin, you can create a form wizard in multi-steps. The best use is creating a 4 step payment form. Also, the integration of Bootstrap grid system makes it fully responsive to every device.

Also, it gives an option to validate either all or some specific fields of the form.

Multi Step Form Wizard jQuery Validation Plugin


You can avail all this multiple feature compiled plugin at $8 only having 6 months support. Spend only $2.25 for an extended support of 12 months.


  • The plugin enables a user to provide animation during step transition with the help of animate.css.
  • You can give field description on Popover on all form fields. A pop-up box gets displayed on every field to give info/hint on clicking the element.
  • It allows you to display a configurable error message suitable for different forms.
  • This plugin provides step counter and step image feature.

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3. Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking

With this plugin, you can create a huge variety of forms like login, registration, search, contact, checkout etc. It provides with client-side validation with multiple options such as required filled, email, URL, date, number etc.

The field masking option will allow concealing the screen output of sensitive data at the field. Authorized users are allowed to view those fields. Eg. credit card fields.

With more than 40 examples of creating forms, it also consists of various customized elements such as radios, checkbox, buttons (in 19 colors).
Input for fields is assisted with autocomplete function, which offers suggestions for word completion.

Pure CSS3 Forms Set jQuery Validation Plugin


Get this feature loaded plugin at just $9 with 6 months support. You can extend the support for 12 months at $2.63


  • The plugin provides modal forms which are dialogue box/popup window on the main page.
  • It provides a tooltip for every element. This GUI element will provide additional information (hint) to the user on hovering the cursor over the element.
  • This plugin comes with 3 responsive form layouts namely vertical, horizontal and columned.  These layouts can be fixed on the screen or responsive.
  • It comes with 249 scalable font awesome icons.
  • This plugin gives 5 states for each element – normal, focus, success, error and disabled. As well as 3 sizes for elements (normal, small, large)

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4. jQuery validation engine

jQuery Validation Engine is one of the best open source plugins that provides validation to form fields. The plugin provides highlighted and eye-catching prompts that easily holds users attention.

Validation is not limited to email, phone, URL, but some complex function calls like AJAX processing and custom JavaScript functions are also facilitated.

jQuery Validation Engine jQuery Validation Plugin


You can add up all the features of this plugin on your website just like that. As it is completely free.


  • The plugin allows you to add datepicker functionality to display an interactive calendar in a small overlay on the page.
  • It includes various locales. This feature helps to translate the error prompts into your preferred language.
  • This plugin generates an error messages on cross-checking the various parameters like value missing, data type mismatch (eg. given time and date range), pattern mismatch (for credit card).
  • Performs well with the popular browsers like IE 6-8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

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5. jQuery form validator

This multilingual plugin comes with validation translations for 15 languages like English, German, Swedish, Polish, French etc. It provides default validators for various fields like URL, email, domain, date, checkbox group and so on.

You can also apply multiple validators on the input elements. Further, validation of image dimension and ratio is possible with this plugin.

jQuery Form Validator jQuery Validation Plugin


Avail this plugin without paying any amount. Free!


  • One of the modules of this plugin works on security parameter. It validates spam check, CVV, recaptcha, password strength etc.
  • It provides validators for geographical data like country, state, longitude, latitude. You can also suggest the country name to the user.
  • The plugin offers automatic data sanitization for input values.

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In this blog, we have mentioned few of the finest jQuery validation plugins amongst which some are free while others are paid.

So, what are you waiting for?

Use any of these plugins and start validating the forms as per your requirement.

You can contact us for any more queries

Thanks for reading.