“Using a simple image or colored background is too mainstream, isn’t it?”

If yes, then try adding something cool on the background of your website.

Use jQuery Video Background Plugins to add attractive video & slider backgrounds on your website.

With these plugins, you can actually drop the whole video functionality in the background of any site. That is, you can effortlessly add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or HTML5 & mp4 files. You can also add images, slides and their titles as well.

Moreover, it will decrease your bounce rate holding your audience a little longer. Thereby, engaging them by providing useful information about the site simultaneously.

On top of that, you can also add various parameters to automatically resize, load the videos and more.

Not only this, these plugins provide a clean code and a nicely written documentation which you can refer if you get stuck at any part and easily resolve the problem.

For this reason, in today’s blog, we will discuss some of the best jQuery Video Background Plugins along with their major attributes, pricing plans & several other details. While some of these plugins are free, others are paid.

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Now let’s get on with the details of these plugins.

1. Page Background Pro – jQuery Plugin

jQuery Page Background Pro is a jQuery video background plugin. It is studded with impeccable features such as 4 plugin options, 3 navigation styles, 55 control arrows to choose from & a lot more.

With this plugin, you can create as many image galleries on a single page as you want. And it also supports video background inclusive of YouTube videos, HTML5 or mp4 videos as well.

You can add your own JavaScript function to current & next slide callback as soon as one slide finishes its transition the next without any delay.

It includes a single page site example code in HTML, CSS &  Javascript to provide ease implementation. 

Page Background Pro jQuery Plugin


You can acquire this plugin along with all its features and future updates –

  • To avail the regular plugin you have to pay $4.
  • For purchasing the extended license, the cost is $45.


  • You can add slides, slide title, gallery controls, easy navigation options & automatically resizes slide images to fit the viewport.
  • This plugin enables you to apply various transition effects on the background slide like fade in & out, slide up, down, left, etc.
  • In addition to this, you can also add gallery navigation icons & place them in a gallery with a horizontal-vertical combo.
  • It enables you to hook gallery options to any element of your page via jQuery events.

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2. FullScreen Background /Gallery – jQuery Plugin

This is an astounding plugin which is used to add a full-screen multimedia background. You can also add a multimedia gallery, full-width image & video slider in the background.

Along with this, it also provides various parameters to enable touchscreen navigation features plus, parameters for color, dimensions & clock timer.

Moreover, you can also add links for each slide by passing several parameters for _self or _blank and it provides you two transition effects to choose from ‘fade’ or ‘slide’ as well.

FullScreen Background /Gallery jQuery Plugin


This plugin is available at two different costs as per the license you select & you also get all the features as well as future updates –

  • Regular license – $11.
  • Extended license – $55.


  • It provides about 40 js options for hassle-free customization.
  • By using HTML & CSS you can format & add animated text from any direction i.e. top, left, right or center.
  • You can also add any video from YouTube or Vimeo behind the main page & provide a play button to signal this.
  • Also, you can use a certain parameter to add a texture to all images. With the help of this, you don’t have to add texture again & again to every single image.

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3. Modern Video and Slider Background – jQuery Plugin

Modern Video and Slider Background is a super cool jQuery plugin used for adding a fullscreen video or slider to the background. It grants you various exemplary features like GIF/Canvas effect, different types of video & slider backgrounds, etc.

The full-screen HTML5 sliders are created using CSS which means you can easily customize them as you want to.

Apart from all this, it is a very user-friendly plugin which is compatible with any website and latest browsers. You can effortlessly initiate this plugin by inserting a few lines of code.

Modern Video and Slider Background jQuery Plugin


You can seal the deal for this plugin and get all the features as well as future updates at two distinct price –

  • The cost of the regular license is $6.
  • While the extended license is available at $40.


  • This plugin provides you with 5 types of video & slider backgrounds.
  • You can easily customize the plugin using few code lines.
  • It provides you a clean code & design which makes it easy to use.
  • Besides, you also get many GIF/ Canvas effect to enhance the look of a website.
  • Along with this plugin, you also get a very well written documentation to refer in case of any doubt while using the plugin.

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4. Video Background plugin – jQuery Plugin

This is a freemium plugin which enables you to add a video to the background of the page or designated element.

It can resize according to the dimensions provided at the back-end rather than fitting itself on the screen. Moreover, it will display an image if a poster image is provided in case the browsers do not support HTML5.

Video Background plugin jQuery Plugin


You can grab all the features of this plugin without spending a single penny. Simply go to ‘github.com’ and download the plugin at free of cost.


  • You can trigger various events on background video like pause/play & mute/unmute. These events will work on click, if the video is paused it will play and vice-versa.
  • It enables you to remove the event along with all its HTML attached to DOM files.
  • This plugin also provides you certain parameters for controlling the position of the video, its text, autoplay, reload and many more.
  • With preload & loaded Callback option, you can enable a function to be called once the video is loaded or before the video is loaded.

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We mentioned various jQuery video background plugins above. Further, we also discussed their multiple functionalities like-

  • You can add the videos to the website background.
  • It allows you to auto resize these video & sliders.
  • Also, you can customize them as per your requirement.
  • Along with them, you also get documentation with examples and demos.

And a lot more..

We hope that after scrutinizing the details, you must have found an ideal plugin which will enhance your website and garner a lot of traffic.

You can mention the queries in the comments section below.