Why find Recurly alternatives at all?

Think of a smartphone, iPhone just pops out. Think of a billing software, Recurly does. Is that true for everyone?

I beg to differ.

[Customer’s Rating On The Scale Of 10]

For a billing software, Recurly may have become a synonym but it fails a lot of times.

Every business has got different needs and surely Recurly cannot do justice to all.

A small-scale business won’t give out $200 a month just for billing. (Can’t deny Recurly is High Priced)

A large-scale business might take a step back with just three languages support. ( Recurly has got only English, German, and Japanese). And the list is long.

It’s a catch to find an ideal software for billing but it’s a breeze to serve you with the best Recurly alternatives.

You can trust us as we’ve gone a long way for you. Hours of research, sleepless nights with coffee to finally reach ‘ Best Recurly Alternatives’.

PS – Softwares dealing in the same niche are going to have a lot of similarities (Like a burger is always going to have a bun!) But we’ll be more focused on the uniqueness. (The stuffing part!)

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1. Pabbly Subscriptions

Pabbly is one of the most robust contenders of Recurly.

With an exceptional pricing of $5/Month to manage subscriptions and billing, it has become the latest talk of the town.

Pabbly is an autopilot mode for complete subscription management. Be it plan management, scheduling payments, billings, API integration, dunning or sales analytics, it does it all.

Plus, there’s are extremely low price plans and no hidden costs at all like taxes, charges, etc.

Pabbly Subscriptions

Now How Pabbly Stands Ahead Of Recurly

a. Multiple Currencies (Go Global!)

While Recurly comes with 21 currencies options, Pabbly offers 25 currencies for transactions.

b. Pricing ( High Priced tag is not for business)

Recurly’s complex pricing = A headache.

Pay $299/month + 1.25% of the revenue and 10 cents on every transaction. ( Heights of complexities!)

But, Pabbly has got simpler and cheaper price plans which starts from $5 per month and ranges up to $99 per month with no hidden charges.

Our take on Pabbly Vs Recurly

Software Pabbly Recurly
Pricing Plan $99/ Month $299/Month+1.25% of Revenue+10 Cents/Transaction
Unlimited Usage Yes [Unlimited Customers, Products, Plans, Invoices Etc.] No [Upgradations Required+Surcharges ]
Currencies Supported 25 21
Supported System Web, Windows, Mac, Android [Comptible with every device] Web Only
Ease of Usability Yes No
Clean and Easy Dashboard Yes No

Highly Recommended- 10/10

Its a must-have software for subscription management and billings. Payments, plans, products, billings, invoices, analytics, dunning, Pabbly does it all.

Pricing is a surefire strategy to penetrate the market and yes, they have succeeded in it.

This is surely one of the best Recurly alternatives.

Here are some key features of Pabbly:

  • Substitute Manual with Automation (Payments, Billings, and Analytics)

Pabbly automates all your recurring payments and subsequently generates invoices for the same. These invoices can be customized.

Automates→ Recurring Payments→Invoices →Billing→Analytical Reports

The analytical reports of Pabbly leave spellbound. It has got every feature that a report should have like MRR, net revenue, active subscription, and a lot more.

  • Payments Made Easier Than Ever

You get numerous currencies support without any surcharge, multiple payments gateways, a lot of payments methods (wire-transfer, cash, advance payment options etc).

Easy Payments→Multiple Payment Gateways→23+ Currencies→Multiple Payments Options

With PCI compliance (for safer payments) your customers wouldn’t hesitate to put their trust in you.

And we cannot deny that payments fail at the time. For this Pabbly has dunning feature.

When payments fail due to debit/credit card issue, Pabbly leaves an automatic notification to the customers. It follows-up through dunning emails and retries for payments at the intervals scheduled by you.

  • Add Unlimited (Customers, Products, Plans, and More)

Pabbly lets you add an unlimited number of customers, plans, products, and coupons without any surcharge. Create a coupon or promo code and apply it to any product or plan that you like.

Unlimited Usage→Unlimited Customers→Unlimited Products→Unlimited Plans→Unlimited Invoices→Unlimited Transactions

You are never asked to limit the number of customers, products or plans. (Unlike Recurly)

In fact, with API key you can seamlessly integrate with any web-page, software as per your convenience.

You can use it on any device be it an Android system, web system or Mac. (Where Recurly can only be used as a web-based software.)

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2. Chargebee

Chargebee follows Pabbly Subscriptions when it’s about the best Recurly alternative.

There’s nothing of Recurly that Chargebee won’t do.

However, there are flaws in Chargebee as well. But it manages to stay ahead of Recurly.


How is it a Recurly Alternative

a. Taxation
It allows the taxation element in its billing which Recurly doesn’t.

b. Pricing
Chargebee beats Recurly when it comes to pricing. It’s ahead of it.
Chargebee has a pricing of $599/month + share in revenue. (It truly burns a hole in the pocket.)

c. Supported Devices
Recurly is a web-based software whereas Chargebee is supported on all the device

Our take on Chargebee Vs Recurly

Software Chargebee Recurly
Pricing Plan $599/Month $299/Month+1.25% Revenue+10 C/Transaction
Tax Collection on Invoice  Yes No
Supported Devices Compatible with All Web-based only
Multilingual Emails Yes No

Average- 7/10

Chargebee is ahead of Recurly and gives you the best in class features. But with its high pricing, I am apprehensive to recommend it to you. (Because you can find a billing software and subscription management software at a much lesser price.)

Feature-wise, it’s good as a Recurly alternative to but when it comes to price then it’s a big no-no.

Here are some key features of Chargebee:

  • Chargebee offers you to automate all your payments. Chargebee is also efficient in dunning management. It tries 3 times in case of failed payments and reaches out through emails.
  • Invoices by Chargebee have tax inclusiveness and are multilingual. Also, these are custom invoices where you can add your brand logo, banner etc.
  • Analytics part is an influential factor in Chargebee because you find a lot of elements, colors, and clarity in their auto-generated reports.

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3. Chargify

Chargify is another prominent player of billing and invoicing segment.

But that doesn’t mean it is confined to merely auto-generated bills and invoices. There’s a lot more to it.


How is it a Recurly Alternative

a. Payments Gateways
It supports around 20+ payment gateways whereas Recurly offers 16 payment gateways which are lesser than Chargify.

b. Devices Compatibility
Chargify is compatible with all the devices whereas Recurly is a web-based software only.

c. Pricing
Chargify has got complex pricing but anyway better and cheaper than Recurly.
Chargify comes up with $149/ month+ share in revenue where Recurly has a price of $299/month+ share in revenue.

Our take on Chargify Vs Recurly

Software Chargify Recurly
Payment Gateways 20+ 16
Supported System Web, Windows, Mac, Android [Comptible with every device] Web Only
Pricing $149/Month+Share in Revenue $299/Month+1.25% of Revenue+10 Cent/Transaction

Recommended- 8/10

You can choose it as a Recurly alternative. It’s simple and makes subscription billing an easy task. Well, there are flaws in Chargify but it’s better than Recurly.

Here are some key features of Chargify:

  • Chargify is in collaboration with Avalara and together these two take care of all the taxation matters in the invoices, be it calculation, deductions or anything.
  • It’s API seamlessly integrates with any web page or software.
  • Further, it provides a self-service portal for customers. Here a customer can upgrade, downgrade a plan or add any product, plan to the existing ones.

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4. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is one of the best and most trusted subscription management tools.

This isn’t just for subscription management but it also looks after complete customer lifecycle.


How is it a Recurly Alternative

a. Devices Supported
Zoho is well versed with Windows, Mac, and web-based servers. However, Recurly is web-based software only.

b. Pricing
The pricing of Zoho is 4x lesser than Recurly. It offers services at $69/month where Recurly comes at $299.

c. Multilingual
Zoho comes with multilingual self-hosted pages which is a missing feature in Recurly.

Our Take on Zoho Vs Recurly

Software Zoho Recurly
Multilingual Yes No
Supported System Web, Windows, Mac, Android [Comptible with every device] Web Only
Pricing $69/Month $299/Month+1.25% of Revenue+10 Cent/Transaction

Recommended- 8.5/10

I recommend this to small and medium-sized business. It’s pricing is affordable for all and features are adequate. At times Recurly wins over Zoho but Zoho still manages to be one of the best Recurly Alternatives.

Here are some key features of Zoho Subscriptions:

  • It setups quickly within seconds and make billing a breeze.
  • Dunning management is a great feature in Zoho. If a transaction fails due to the credit card or insufficient funds, users are notified. Then the trials for payments are made by the software with custom emails.
  • Zoho provides multiple add-ons like Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice, for increased effectiveness.

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5. Rebilly

Rebilly is one of the fastest growing companies of subscription and recurring billing.

It offers dozens of features to ease off the subscription task. One of it is dispute management where you can do proper documentation for chargebacks, cancellations etc.


Why is it a Recurly Alternative

a. Multiple Currencies
It has multiple currency support of over 140 currencies and Recurly here lacks with just 21 currencies support.

b. Multiple Payment Options
With Rebilly, a user can use bitcoin or even barter for payment but this isn’t the case with Recurly. Recurly doesn’t have these payment options yet.

c. Pricing
You can get Rebilly at $149/month whereas Recurly has a higher pricing of $299/ month+ revenue shares.

Our Take on Rebilly Vs Reculry

Software Rebilly Recurly
Currencies 140+ 21
Supported System Web, Windows, Mac, Android [Comptible with every device] Web Only
Pricing $149/Month $299/Month+1.25% of Revenue+10 Cent/Transaction

Recommended- 9/10

Rebilly has got some out of the box features like dispute management, bitcoin, barter for payments, multiple merchants etc. It’s a fresh breeze of features and the price is fairly good. I recommend it for the features it is offering at $149 is worth it.

It can prove out to be a good Recurly alternative.

Here are some key features of Rebilly:

  • Invoice making is completely flexible with Rebilly and here you can customize almost every aspect of invoice. You can add a logo, banner, and play with features to get the best invoice.
  • There are various payment methods for transactions. In fact, these methods include bitcoin, wire-transfer, cash or barter.
  • Multiple merchants can use it for their multiple billings and businesses. This is one of the unique features of Rebilly. Multiple accounts can be managed with one Rebilly.

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The Takeaway:

We got you for the best 5 Recurly alternatives. We picked pricing, features, and ratings as our criteria for selection of these Recurly competitors. I hope you must have found your right choice.

If you have some better ideas or some better software to suggest then please let us know. Let’s make this list even bigger.