If you are looking for jQuery Menu Plugins for your website, then you have landed at the right place. As this blog is all about top class jQuery plugins which can be used to design eye-catchy and attractive menu.

jQuery Menu Plugins

We have elaborated jQuery plugins which offer features like multiple customization options, style changes, API, lightweight, easy to deploy on websites and provide other facilities.

In addition, all these plugins are well-documented, touch-friendly, fully responsive and offer cross-browser support as well.

So, let’s get started with the details of these plugins.

But before that have a look at the blogs we have listed below on popular jQuery plugins:-

1. Gooey Menu: jQuery Menu Plugin

Gooey is a jQuery menu plugin which helps you create gummy menus with circles as menu items. With this plugin, you can apply different menu styles, SVG filters, customizations and more.

The menus displayed using this plugin are fully responsive in layout and they support all latest browsers.

Gooey Menu jQuery Menu Plugins


  • The regular license of this jQuery plugin will cost you $9 which offers various menu styling and features.
  • The extended license charges $45 for the advanced features and services that this plugin offer.


  • This jQuery menu plugin provides six different types of menu styles which are spaced, stacked round, horizontal, and vertical.
  • You also get more than 15 customization options along with an event API with this plugin.
  • It supports all modern browsers currently available in the market.
  • This plugin is responsive, comes loaded with SVG filters and offers a proper document for effective implementation.

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2. LayerMenu – jQuery Menu Plugin

LayerMenu jQuery plugin is a great help for developers who want to create unique, new and easy to use menus for websites. This plugin is clean coded and gives a well-organized documentation which helps in proper implementation.

It supports various browsers like FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE9, IE10 and more. Plus it also includes stylus files and CSS3 animation as well.

LayerMenu jQuery Menu Plugins


  • $6 is the price which is charged for the regular version of this plugin.
  • $50 is the price charged for the extended version of this plugin which has enhanced services.


  • Multiple animation effects like the slide, fade, roll, cube, shift and many more are available which will help you design attractive menus.
  • Menus attached to a website using this jQuery plugin are fully responsive and looks great on different devices.
  • It includes IconsMind as well as FontAwesome icons in it.
  • With this plugin, you get unlimited color and menu layers option.

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3. jQuery Infinite Sliding Menu Plugin

Infinite sliding menu is another jQuery powered plugin which allows you to create infinite sliding menu. Menus created using this plugin get automatically resized and support touch senses as well.

You can have a nested menu list which has multiple menu items in them.

Infinite Sliding Menu jQuery Menu Plugins


  • First plan comes with a price tag of $6 with all the latest and advanced features for menu designing.
  • The second plan will cost you $30 and will include various features and facilities in it.


  • With this jQuery plugin, you can have an unlimited number of nested lists.
  • It automatically resizes the height as soon as the menu is opened.
  • You also get PSD with slices which simplifies the process of menu designing.
  • It is fully compatible with IE8, IE9, IE10, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome browsers.

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4. jQuery CSS3 DropDown Menu Plugin

With this jQuery plugin, you can include a stylish drop-down menu on your website. This is a mobile friendly plugin the animation of which is driven by CSS3.

It is a lightweight jQuery plugin which offers faster loading speed and provides drop-down menus which are responsive in design.

CSS3 DropDown Menu jQuery Menu Plugins


  • The regular plan has got a price tag of $5.
  • Similarly, the extended plan of this plugin comes at a cost of $25.


  • This jQuery plugin is very lightweight which helps in faster loading.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you can easily create unique styled drop-down menus.
  • Provides well-documented demo page which projects different menus styles that can be designed using this plugin.
  • It helps you have a responsive menu which perfectly supports touch devices as well.

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5. ContextMenu – jQuery Menu Plugin

This is a jQuery menu which helps you attach ContextMenu to a website. With this plugin, you can define menus from definition list and it offers optional support for touch screen devices like mobile, tablets and screens.

It has got a demo which comes with the code and other important details, plus the live example of how the menu will look like on a website.

ContextMenu jQuery Menu Plugin


  • This is another free jQuery menu plugin which comes pre-equipped with various feature and services.


  • This plugin has got basic style menu, categories menu, and icons based menu.
  • It is easy to apply to websites as it provides well-documented demo page which holds menu codes along with the example that shows how it will look in real.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you also get touch devices supports.
  • You can easily disable items and create nested menus as well.

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6. BoomMenu – jQuery Menu Plugin

BoomMenu is a jQuery plugin which is named after Boom-Menu-Button. With this you get multiple animation effects, you can include menu text inside or outside the image circle and you can also define the order of the buttons as well.

It provides various features, for instance, buttons-alignment, text-inside/outside-button and more.

BoomMenu jQuery Menu Plugin


  • This jQuery menu plugin is free to download which offers both productions as well as development version to the users.


  • It offers demo with proper documentation and examples which simplifies the process of implementation.
  • With this jQuery plugin, you can have a responsive menu on your website which is mobile-friendly.
  • You can add text content inside or outside of the circle menu button and give an attractive look.
  • It also helps you provide custom positioning to the menu as well as menu items.

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This was all that we have got on the best jQuery menu plugins. I definitely hope that you must have found the most relevant and easy to apply jQuery plugin for your website.

All these plugins elaborated in this blog are tested and verified for the services that they offer.

In case of queries and doubts, you can mention them in your comments below. We will be happy to reply your questions and queries.