jQuery scrollbar plugins replace the plain & ugly looking default OS scrollbars with the custom ones.

The websites focused on presenting the core content in the best efficient manner use the awesome feature of scrolling. In fact, the websites with scrolling effect on content presentation are the best storytellers and always achieve the goal of engaging a visitor as well as get good reviews.

There are so many scrollbar plugins available in the jQuery plugin market amongst which you can select the best light weighted scrollbar that best fits your site appearance. But in an attempt of trying and testing each, you may crash your website! As not every plugin which comes your way is going to have clean codes.

In this post, we came up with a comprehensive list of Top jQuery Scrollbar plugins. These plugins facilitate verticle scrolling, horizontal scrolling and sometimes both. We have tried and tested each of them so, you can freely implement any of the plugins from our list without a second thought.

jQuery ScrollBar Plugins

Vertical scrolling technique is the best fit for presenting interactive portfolios, flowy case studies, showcasing varieties of Product etc. while sometimes horizontal scrolling is also preferred to satisfy some specific demands of a website.

You can also make the scrolling experience more fun by adding little creativity. Not wasting time discussing the feature, let’s have a brief discussion on the list of 5+ best jQuery scrollbar plugins (Free & Paid).

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1. RollBar – jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

RollBar plugin is designed to redeem the standard browser scrollbar with a customizable alternate that will fit your site’s look and feel. Also, you can design slideshows with external scroll controls. There are options available to change the color, size etc. of the scrollbar to perfectly fit into your site.

Another great feature of this plugin is that it can auto adjust to responsive websites because they need to dynamically adjust to changing environments and devices. Additionally, it can easily recognize touch sensitive events on Android & iOS.

RollBar jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

RollBar jQuery ScrollBar plugin has a regular licensed plan of $7 and an extended licensed plan of $35.


  • It has both the two modes of scrolling – vertical & horizontal.
  • It supports mouse wheel scrolling as well as scrolling through the keyboard.
  • 14+ configuration options.
  • It has external API using jquery events.

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2. VenScrollBar – jQuery Scrollbar Plugin

It is a 5 stars jQuery plugin with an excellent documentation. With the use of this plugin, you can easily generate a regular scrollbar and in addition to it, you can also offer additional functionalities. Such as auto-hide the scrollbar and smooth-scrolling. It has excellent use of CSS and the VenScrollBar API for customization and theming.

VenScrollBar jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

VenScrollBar jQuery Scrollbar plugin has two cost estimate plan. They are-

  • Regular – $11
  • Extended – $55


  • It is highly responsive and can also adjust to changing themes.
  • This theme is easy to setup as it proffers helpful documentation for the user.
  • It is cross-browser compatible for IE7+, FF3.5+, Opera10+, Chrome5+ & Safari4+.
  • The VenScrollBar plugin has excellent support.

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3. Lazybars – CSS Themeable Responsive Scrollbar jQuery Plugin

Lazybars is a responsive and easy-to-use scrollbar jQuery plugin. It allows you to implement the scrollbars by simply adding a class name to any of the scrollable element of your website.

Either you can make an effective use of the default bundled themes of this plugin or you can create your own with simple CSS. Moreover, the auxiliary feature of this plugin will let you use the scrollbar effects.

Lazybars jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It has a regular licensed plan of $10 and an extended one for $50 with future updates.


  • You can set the scrollbar by default, offset and fade.
  • One regular license allows usage on one website.
  • Scrollbars are positioned to the bottom or right by default as per the browser standards.
  • Light weighted – default CSS just 1KB & the JavaScript under 4KB.

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4. Mailhu – Free in jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

It is a highly customizable custom jQuery scrollbar plugin. This plugin features vertical & horizontal scrollbars. You can easily adjust the scrolling impulse. Also, it supports mouse-wheel scrolling, keyboard arrow keys. Moreover, It also supports touch sensitive scrolling.

The plugin has 8 pre-designed vertical and horizontal scrollbar with different looks. You can select amongst default, minimal-dark, light-thick, 3-D stick, rounded & rounded dots for vertical scroll. And can choose auto-expanded scrollbar dark-thin & light-3 for horizontal scrollbar. An optional 2 axis (x-axis & y-axis) scrollbars, positioned outside – 3d with buttons is also available.

Mailhu jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

Mailhu is a free product of GitHub. You can directly download it from the official site.


  • Ready-made themes available to use directly or you can customize one via CSS.
  • It supports RTL (Right To Left) direction.
  • Optional parameters are also available for full control over the scrollbar functionality.
  • The plugin has methods to trigger actions such as scroll-to, update, destroy etc.

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5. Nicescroll – Free in jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

Nicescroll is a jQuery scrollbar plugin for embedding scrollbars with style similar to ios or mobile. This plugin has a very simple installation & activation. It without any further modifications in your code.

Further, it supports controlling scrollbar by dragging the cursor & scrolling the mouse wheel with adjustable speed. For keyboard navigation, it makes use of the cursor/arrow keys, page up/down keys & home/end keys.

Nicescroll jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It is a free-to-use jQuery scrollbar plugin.


  • A very stylish scrollbar completely outside your site window.
  • A unique feature of styling main document scrollbar.
  • Unique zoom-in feature for enlarging the content of any scroll’ed div element.
  • Support multi-input devices such as- MSPointer & Pointer support.

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6. slimScroll – Free in jQuery Scrollbar Plugins

With slimScroll you can transform any div into a scrollable area. Similar functionality as the one Google & Facebook uses in their products. slimScroll doesn’t occupy any extra window space as it only appears on mouse-over action. The users can easily drag the scrollbar or can make use of the mouse-wheel for scrolling.

slimScroll jQuery ScrollBar Plugin

Pricing Plan-

It’s a completely free plugin and you can download it directly from GitHub.


  • It is a simple and responsive jQuery plugin.
  • Very small & lightweight jQuery plugin of just 4.6KB.
  • Well-documented for making it easy to use.

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Consequently, all the listed plugins are most noteworthy and satisfy the demand for both free and paid plugin needs. Choose the one which best satisfies your site requirements.

Lastly, your suggestions are always our priority so, speak up!

Thanks for reading!