CodeIgniter – Login Registration Form Code

This is a simple but powerful script that complete functionality of login/registration built on CodeIgniter PHP framework. It’s simple plug and play system. System complete with database file just import database and keep the files in right place […]

Codeigniter – Google Facebook Social Login

Designers and developers have a hard time when it comes to integrate social network login buttons to your login and registration page. It is one of the most time consuming things you may deal with. […]

Advance PHP User Login Registration Script

Advance User Registration and Login Script It is a simple login and registration system is totally based on core PHP. This script fulfills all the basic to advance level login needs  that a coder or a […]

CodeIgniter – AJAX Image Upload

CodeIgniter Image upload script is one of the most important part for developers in their application.  As through Ajax one can upload the image without page refresh. Though image upload plays a small role in application […]

Send Email Newsletter Using Gmail SMTP Server : CodeIgniter

If you are looking for a send email script via SMTP then your search stops here. This email sending php script is build using CodeIgniter framework and uses Gmail SMTP server to send emails. It is […]

SEO Analysis Tool – PHP Script Using CodeIgniter

SEO Analyzer is a website review and audit tool script for personal usage and for web agencies to add it on your own website. It does the entire SEO agency work and displays the analyzed data of […]

Advance Contact Form Script Using PHP

This advance contact form script is designed using PHP. The main purpose of creating this form is to manage the user submitted entries through a dashboard.  It is totally secured with proper validations. For example, suppose […]

Send Email With SMTP – PHP Script

This send email script is mainly designed to send emails through multiple SMTP connection. In this script we have configured multiple SMTP server like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook which will make your work easy. To send […]

Simple MySql CRUD In PHP

MySql CRUD is simple and easy to use script that can be implemented on any kind of application. CRUD is nothing but a group of operations i.e. create, read, update and delete  records that we perform […]

jQuery Ajax Image Upload PHP Script

File Uploading is one of the most important requirement in almost every website and web applications. So keeping that in mind we have launched PHP image upload script using AJAX and jQuery and made file uploading […]
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