How To Upload Full Image As A Header In Google Forms?

They say “The first impression is the last impression”. When your respondent views your form, what is the first thing that grabs his/her attention? Definitely, the header image isn’t it? Also, you can convey the full potential of your brand through the header image of the form. Therefore, you can’t compromise on its quality or …

Upload Multiple Images Using PHP and jQuery

In this blog we focused on Multiple Image uploading functionality using PHP and jQuery in forms.

There is an Add More Files button which allows user to dynamically create above input tag, type=” file” Just click on live demo or follow our codes to use it.

How To Upload Documents Through Google Forms Responses?

If you are dealing in a business where you need to collect client’s documents like resumes, cover letters, portfolios, videos, etc then adding the file uploading feature on your form is indispensable. However, there is a wide range of file uploading form creators available in the market. And for sure, the first option that might …

Image Compressors (API)

Image Compressors is a free API which is used to optimize your images so that they are loaded faster on the Web. Moreover, it supports different image type such as JPEG/JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG. Besides, it empowers you to specify the URL instead of file as well.


ImageMagick is a free software to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images. It read, process, or write Mega, Giga, or Tera-pixel of images and utilizes multiple computational threads to increase the performance of the website.  

Intervention Image

Intervention Image is an open-source PHP image handling and manipulation library with Laravel integration. This provides an easier and expressive way to create, edit, and compose images. It supports the two most common image processing libraries called GD Library and Imagick.